Add To Your WishlistBackwoods Marcy (LE Slipcover Blu-ray)

Add To Your WishlistBackwoods Marcy (LE Slipcover Blu-ray)

A wrong turn during a business trip leads an unsuspecting yuppie down a perilous road of terror after he foolishly runs afoul of Marcy; a psychotic, redneck, homeless woman who dwells deep in the ominous swamplands of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. After capturing him and caging him like an animal, the depraved Marcy methodically tortures and rapes her helpless male captive. Upon his escape, a savage fight to the death ensues where only the most cunning of the two will survive!

One of the few shot on video movies in history to be helmed by a woman, Backwoods Marcy was written, produced, scored, and directed by actress turned filmmaker Dawn Murphy, who also turns in a tour de force acting performance in a dual role that earned her a Best Actress nomination at the 1999 B-Movie Awards. Co-starring Dave Castiglione (Love is a Stranger), Pamela Sutch (Psycho Sisters), and W.A.V.E. founder Gary Whitson (Dead North), Saturn's Core is proud to present this long sought after, strangely feminist, '90s era SOV horror epic, newly uncovered and restored from the vaults of the infamous South Jersey based studio Sharkey Video. As an added bonus, Backwoods Marcy now comes paired with another Sharkey Video curio; writer / director Dave Castiglione's 1995 brain-melting, holiday themed, SOV comedy An Ex-Hooker's Christmas Carol, which arrives newly restored and accompanied by a wealth of extras of its own!

directed by: Dawn Murphy
featuring: Dawn Murphy, Dave Castiglione, Pamela Sutch, Gary Whitson
1998 / 70 min / 1.33:1 / English Stereo

Additional information:
• Region Free Blu-ray

• Audio commentary with actor / co-producer Dave Castiglione moderated by Ross Snyder from Saturn's Core
• "A Sharkey Tale" -an interview with actor / filmmaker Dave Castiglione
• "Behind the Backwoods" -making-of & blooper reel featurette with commentary by producers Dawn Murphy and Dave Castiglione
• Archival original 1999 VHS cut (SD)
• Sharkey Video trailer vault
• Bonus Movie: AN EX-HOOKER'S CHRISTMAS CAROL (1995) -writer / director Dave Castiglione's brain-melting
SOV Christmas comedy starring Laura Giglio and Deana Demko (73 minutes)
• Optional audio commentary featuring writer / director Dave Castiglione moderated by Ross Snyder from Saturn's Core
• "Milly's Wonderful Life" -actress Laura Giglio on An Ex-Hooker's Christmas Carol
• Blooper reel
• Alternate ending
• Vintage behind the scenes featurette
• Still gallery with isolated score
• Reversible cover art
• English SDH subtitles

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Backwoods Marcy (LE Slipcover Blu-ray)

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