Add To Your WishlistBeautiful F**king Day (Blu-ray + DVD Mediabook Cover B)

Add To Your WishlistBeautiful F**king Day (Blu-ray + DVD Mediabook Cover B)

The South Korean student A-jung, who is studying in the USA, actually just wanted to take a break from the stressful university life

A-jung happily accepts her Japanese friend Takako's offer to go to a remote house with other Japanese students. However, the hoped-for recreational trip turns into a horrific nightmare when the students clash with two psychopathic hillbilly brothers. But this is the least of all evils in the face of the prevailing supernatural power that can take possession of any body without warning. 

The already bloody hustle and bustle turns into a real slaughter festival. A slasher that you don't see every day, that's BEAUTIFUL FUCKING DAY. From the outset, the Japanese-American co-production leaves no doubt that no prisoners will be taken. BEAUTIFUL FUCKING DAY achieves the extraordinary feat of combining extremely brutal splatter interludes with a storyline rich in interpretation. 

BEAUTIFUL FUCKING DAY is nothing less than a prime example of an intelligent and extremely bloody slasher! “Rough slasher scenes meet an original story - you don’t see something like that every day

Bonus material:

- Prestige media book with leather

- Look foil and hot foil embossing limited to 444 pieces

- Artwork by Rick Melton

- 36-page extended booklet

- Behind-the-scenes (original version)

- Trailer

- DVD version


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Beautiful F**king Day (Blu-ray + DVD Mediabook Cover B)

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