Dark Side Releasing

Dark Side Releasing

Anna And The Dead (blu-ray)

Anna witnesses bizarre and sinister incidents involving the people in her small town, leaving Anna unsure of who to turn to for help.When her parents ...
now £13.50was £20.99
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Beyond Fury

Ex-Mercenary Michael Walker and is brutally attacked, and reverts to his training to serve his own kind of justice.Michael Walker, an ex-Special Ops a...
now £15.50was £24.34
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Brides Of Satan (Blu-ray)

In a dystopian city of depravity, a young girl will avenge her fiancee's death at the hands of a gang of strippers.In a dystopian city of depravity an...
now £16.00was £24.81
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Built 2 Kill (blu-ray)

A high-octane women-in-horror anthology from leading independent, international genre filmmakers.Continuing the cutting edge tales of feminist-horror ...
now £15.50was £25.46
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Built To Kill

Bring out your dark side.Built to Kill is an edgy, hyper-stylish horror anthology about people pushed, pulled, and driven to kill. An abused wife tend...
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Domina Nocturna

Haunted by the shadows of a ghost town, young Angelique comes to know stories of horror and passion on the crossing paths of death and life.Haunted by...
now £14.00was £21.83
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Eyes of Dread (Blu-ray)

After 13 months, the body of Anna’s sister Nina is still missing. Refusing to believe that she’s dead, Anna arrives in the dark, dangerous city where ...
now £14.00was £19.67
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Mask Of Thorn

Bethany's friends celebrate her sweet 16 but they don't realize that she's the target of a monster named 'Thorn' .Bethany Lovell has struggled to fit ...
now £12.50was £19.61
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Motorpsycho Maniacs

Hell Comes to Texas!When a biker gang terrorizes Esperanza County, it's up to a Texas Ranger, undercover as a badass outlaw biker babe, and old Ezra t...
now £17.00was £24.40
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Planet Zee

Zee persuades Serge to try an online game, and soon the room turns into a nightmare filled with violence and death!Young hippie filmmaker Zee, who is ...
now £14.00was £21.46
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Snow Woman (Blu-ray)

In the countryside, a beautiful woman found dead, returns as a legendary snow monster to sexually haunt the villagers.In a snowy mountain village, a b...
now £16.00was £24.21
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