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The soundtrack to Federico Fellini's cult classic Roma, remastered and finally on marble blue vinyl. LTD 499 copies

Finally on vinyl. One of Nino Rota's most famous soundtracks from Federico Fellini's cult classic ROMA. 

Mastered from first generation stereo master tapes that were recently discovered. Limited colored vinyl plus gatefold poster 499 Copies Only. Painting by Loa Airaghi (sergio bonelli editore) & Matilde Giudicelli. 

ROMA is a more personal film project from Federico Fellini, who creates a lively portrayal of the city through several memorable if barely related vignettes. By showing different aspects of the Italian capitol from different eras, Fellini creates an enjoyable mosaic which discusses his first trip to Rome as a child, his discovery of the city at the age of 18 and meta-trip during which he is making a film about Rome. Nino Rota's underscore is a mostly monothematic offering ("Aria di Roma") apart from some of the more colorful musical sequences (such as the 4-part "Ecclesiastical Fashion Show"). 

This release features the complete score used in the film. When the film was released in US, United Artists Records issued a soundtrack which contained five Rota tracks in addition to suites of source music, such as a selection from the Barafonda Theater's program or various compositions from the piazza episode. These suites contained the occasional ambience to better reflect on the film's aural experience, but this program essentially resulted in a souvenir record rather than an actual score release. Still, you get to hear all the complete Rota score recorded for the film in the best currently possible sound quality restored and mastered by Claudio Fuiano. 

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Fellini's Roma (Original Soundtrack LP)

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