Add To Your WishlistNinja Terminator (LE 2 Blu-ray Boxset)

Add To Your WishlistNinja Terminator (LE 2 Blu-ray Boxset)

Neon Eagle Video is proud to present the first ever official HD release of the mind-melting martial arts cult classic Ninja Terminator!

As anyone who has seen the film knows, a description of the plot is almost impossible. More or less: a group of ninjas compete to control the ultimate artifact of their craft – the Golden Ninja Warrior statue! Meanwhile, a secret agent tries to bust up an organized crime ring that is somehow connected to the statue. But really, the plot is beside the point. Rather, it’s the constant display of cheesy insanity onscreen that will keep you hooked from the first minute until the final battle!

After years of ugly-looking and legally dubious copies of the film making the rounds, we are hugely excited to bring to you its first ever authorized disc release in North America, restored from a 4K scan of the original negative and in its proper widescreen aspect ratio. A host of commentaries, interviews, and trailers round out this deluxe release, but the most exciting extra is the inclusion of the original ‘source’ film The Uninvited Guest of the Star Ferry! IFD used this Korean/Taiwanese co-production as the basis for Ninja Terminator and prior to this release it has never been seen anywhere in the western world!

Limited edition includes:

2 Blu-rays/ 2 films: Ninja Terminator and The Uninvited Guest of the Star Ferry, each in their own Blu-ray case housed in a rigid side load slipcase with artwork by Justin Coffee, plus an exclusive 40 page perfect bound book featuring new writing on the film by Jesus Perez Manuel Molina and David Zuzelo!

Disc 1 (Blu-ray):

Ninja Terminator

Restored from a 4K scan of the negative / 1080p presentation

English language audio

Optional English SDH subtitles

2:39:1 / 90 minutes / All Region / 1984 / Director - Godfrey Ho


Audio commentary by Kenneth Brorsson and Phil Gillon of the Podcast on Fire Network

Audio commentary by Asian film experts Arne Venema and Mike Leeder  

Interview with director Godfrey Ho on Ninja Terminator and working at IFD

Interview with Godfrey Ho and dubber Simon Broad on the dubbing of Ninja Terminator and other IFD films

Interview with Chris Poggiali, co-author of ‘These Fists Break Bricks’

Trailer (SD)

Disc 2 (Blu-ray): **BONUS FEATURE - limited edition only**

The Uninvited Guest of the Star Ferry

1080p presentation from a 2K scan of the original ‘source’ film of Ninja Terminator, taken from an ultra-rare 16mm print. 

**Please note: This feature is assembled from a salvaged print that was once thought lost. Due to large amounts of dust, mold, and scratches, what you see is what you get! This HD version, “grindhouse presentation” of the film is only available with the limited edition Ninja Terminator set**

Korean language audio w/ English subtitles

2:39:1 / 90 minutes / 1984 / All Region / Director - Kim Si-hyun


IFD Ninja Trailer compilation (HD and SD)

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Ninja Terminator (LE 2 Blu-ray Boxset)

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