Add To Your WishlistThe Box Of Delights: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD)

Add To Your WishlistThe Box Of Delights: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD)

BSX Records presents the original soundtrack to the audio drama THE BOX OF DELIGHTS from Big Finish Productions. Music Composed by Joe Kraemer

Kay Harker is returning from boarding school when he finds himself mixed up in a battle to possess a magical box. It allows the owner to shrink in size, to fly swiftly, to go into the past and to experience the magical wonders contained within the box. The current owner of the box is an old Punch and Judy man called Cole Hawlings whom Kay meets at the railway station. They develop an instant rapport, which leads Cole to confide that he is being chased by a magician called Abner Brown and his gang, which includes Kay's former governess. For safety, Cole (who turns out to be the medieval philosopher and alleged magician Ramon Llull) entrusts the box to Kay. The schoolboy then goes on to have many adventures as he protects the box from those who wish to use it for bad deeds.

Track Listing

  • A Carol Symphony – Arrival at the Train Station
  • Antics on the Platform
  • Traveling by Rail
  • Seekings House
  • The Mysterious Mr. Hawlings
  • A Wintry Adventure
  • The Mystery of the Box
  • The Box of Delights
  • Taking to the Sky
  • Herne and the Magical World
  • The Skaian Gate
  • Foxy-Faced Charles and Chubby Joe
  • The Joys of the Season
  • Reunion and Resolution - A Carol Symphony (Reprise)

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The Box Of Delights: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD)

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